“Get a Real Job”: The Bullsh*t Phrase I Hear too Often

Recently I came across an article that was talking about how Youtubers won’t be making as much money as they used to due to the ad revenue dropping and some companies dropping said Youtubers all together. The article itself isn’t what got to me it was the comment section that made me upset. At least half of the comments consisted of people saying “That’s what they get, now it’s time for them to get a real job” or “All Youtuber’s do is sit around and make videos”. Some people even started talking about those involved in other aspects of the arts (i.e. actors,writers, artist etc) and how they do no real work and give nothing back to society. And the only thing I could think about was how foolish(cause that’s the only word I can say without adding more vulgar language). If you don’t think that the arts don’t contribute to anything then look at some of the ads and shorts that aired during the 2017 Oscars. The arts provide a way for individuals to express themselves in ways that other fields can not. When we act we don’t just act like how the character would act, we act how we would react in the given circumstance. All the great books in history were made by creative individuals and people with visions of different worlds. And music has had such a huge impact on the world that it’s hard to pick one thing that stands out. Everyone has that one song that strikes them in a very special place that nothing else can, and everyone has that one artist or band that speaks to their very soul every time they release a track. Now YouTube is very similar to all these things but also very different. In the beginning YouTube was a platform for individuals to express themselves and accept their weirdness, but overtime it became a place to make a bunch of money. Granted their are Youtubers that make videos just for the sheer pleasure of it(Casey Neistat-a role model of mine, iisuperwomanii, Wong Fu Productions) to name a few. But it seems like in this day and age everyone just wants to make money and get the most views instead of creating content for content’s sake. And that makes since(cause everyone needs to eat). But we also need to appreciate what art does and what artist do for us instead of bashing people and telling them to get a real job. We all have different hopes,dreams, interest, and passions, and that’s what makes us unique that is also what makes us human. Also if everyone decided to get a “real” job this world would be pretty boring…In my opinion.