Where in the World is The Unofficial Columnist?

I’m going to be completely honest with all of you, my writing schedule is complete trash. I haven’t uploaded in such a long time and it almost feels weird coming back. So much has happened in the past couple of weeks and a lot of it had to do with the direction of this blog. A part of me wants to keep on doing stuff about what is going on in the world today but another part of me wants to give commentary on what I find interesting. I also want to do things that have crossed my mind from time to time, and that makes me wonder if I spread myself beyond what is happening in the world does that still make me a columnist(sorry for the minor incoherence my mind is just going into a lot of different places). Another reason that I have been gone for a couple of weeks is due to my computer. I had to get an entirely new computer(which is actually just the same model) due to something happening in the framework(I accidentally broke the screen, I just tell myself that the framework messed up to make myself feel better). I am also working on another website that is dedicated towards my other passion in life Acting. Sometimes I wish I was one of those individuals that could just focus on one thing and do that for the rest of my life. But my mind simply doesn’t work that way. The Unofficial columnist is still going to be my go to writing spot though because I thoroughly enjoy what I have created here(especially the name). I want to eventually want to make this blog it’s own website so I can start doing more things with it. But all in all the reason why I have been gone for so long is due to my procrastination(which I totally neglected to talk about-maybe I will talk about it in a different article), Not knowing where I want to go with this blog, and other things that are currently happening in my life. I want to make it a goal to dedicate more time to this blog and all my other ventures. The Unofficial Columnist is gone but it has returned with new material and things to talk about.

The College Dropout Year One

A couple of Months ago I had to drop out of college. It was one of the most daunting but experiences but at the same time I felt like their was a giant weight lifted off of my shoulders. All the people I thought I had to impress, all the expectations that were put on me, and all the “hopes” and “dreams” that were planned out for me had disappeared. But the funny part is I actually wasn’t planning on dropping out. I was apart of an organization that focuses getting students into and through college. So you’re probably wondering “Eric if the organization gets kids through college then why did you drop out”. It’s a long story but I will try to get to the good stuff. So during the college application process  I had no idea what I was doing. The only thing I did was look at the college acceptance rate and if it was high enough(maybe 60% or higher) I applied. I know it isn’t really a good strategy. So I applied to several colleges and got accepted into three. One of them was an art school in Chicago which was close enough to my family, but far enough to get a unique experience. I was actually looking forward to going to that college however there wasn’t a lot of money that they were willing to give me. So I ended up going to a university(that I never heard) in a location that I never heard of(it was still in Illinois though). I spent three years in that University in a degree that I really didn’t care for, it all went down hill when I was trying to enroll in my fourth year in college. There was some left over money that I owed to the school, I asked the organization if they could help but unfortunately they helped at the last minute. By the time I got the money the University ran out of dorm rooms. So the only option I had was to drop out. As time passed I saw all of my friends graduating, everyone posting on their timelines about how they are so happy they graduated, and recently I attended a party for my friends graduation. Sometimes I feel a little bit awkward about being a drop out. Like I am a black sheep or a failure. Sometimes I look at different articles about successful people who have dropped out of college, I also started looking at documentaries about the educational system and how it destroys some people financially. But under all that awkwardness, I don’t feel like a failure. In a weird way I also feel like I have graduated except I just don’t have the paper. I am taking classes in something that I love and I am getting myself back into writing on a daily, so by that standard I am most certainly not a failure(In my opinion) College can be a very funny thing and but it’s most certainly not for everyone. Congratulations to everyone who has graduated this year, and to everyone that hasn’t graduation or won’t graduate on time don’t worry your time in the spotlight will come.