The Columnist vs Procrastination: The Life Long Battle

I have been a chronic procrastinator for a very long time. It started at a very young age(probably around middle school). I remember looking at homework and just ignoring it to do something else. But honestly, who wants to do homework in middle school? In high school my procrastination got  worse.  Especially around Sophomore/Junior year. Sophomore and Junior year was an “important” time because that was around the time college choices and future decisions started looming around the corner. Everyone was rushing around applying to all these colleges and prepping for the ACTs, but I was more concerned about playing video games and going to the gym. Granted I wasn’t really interested in going to school at all. I wanted to do something with art and I had a feeling that college didn’t have to be apart of the equation. But nonetheless I went to college(Or rather I just did it because everyone told me to do it). And that was when my procrastination came into full swing. There is so much do in college from going to extracurricular activities to just hanging out with friends(or just eating a lot of food which is what I did most of the time). Now I am going to be completely honest with you high school DID NOT prepare me for college. I struggled through it for the three years that I was there, and I could barely stand sitting in the class rooms. Of course there were some classes that I thoroughly enjoyed but they were few and far between. But I digress back to the procrastination. My procrastination became exceedingly terrible when I had to write papers. Especially when teachers had the audacity to give two six page papers and decided that they had to be turned in on the same day. It’s like they had this committee dedicated to making student life a living hell. I remember looking at the paper with just one paragraph and thinking “What’s happening on “Youtube”.  I thought it would end when I left college but that wasn’t the case. Procrastination still comes around even when your trying to do something you’re passionate about, I even procrastinated quite a bit writing this blog right now(yes I just admitted it). The thing is procrastination itself isn’t bad it’s when you let it run your entire life that causes the problem. We are all human and we want to avoid things that make us feel “bad” but we must get past the bad to get to the good. Now excuse me while I procrastinate on writing another post.

Evergreen State College: What happened to communication?

Before I start this blog I want to state that I am a supporter of Black Lives Matter, Feminism, LGBTQ community and everything else that can help us be equal. So I am basically a liberal. However I have a problem with  people who shout about their liberal views and aren’t willing to hear the other side. A couple of days ago I was browsing through YouTube when I came across one of Phillip DeFranco’s videos. I am a big fan of Phillip’s videos and I frequently watch them to get updates about international and national news. There was one story in particular that stuck out to me though. It was about what was going on at Evergreen State College. Evergreen State College has been in the news recently for the political protest that have been occurring the past week due to Professor Bret Weinstein’s comments about racial diversity among college professors. Many students want to see professors of that look the same they do meaning those that are African American, Latino, Women, Gay whatever it may be. And I agree with them on that part, however I also agree with Weinstein when he stated that people should be hired based on their credentials instead of solely on race(but I do have a argument against that as well). It was Weinsteins argument that caused students to protest and ask for Weinstein to be fired. Now I don’t have a problem with protesting, I have a problem with people just shouting out their views. In several videos I saw the protesters were cutting off people when they gave an argument, yelling over people, and laughing at the opposite position when they tried to make a point. I have seen this trend way to often where protesters just shout over the opposite position without hearing the other side. I always believed that there should be a dialogue between opposing sides and they should come to a conclusion that they both agree with. What these people are doing aren’t going to change the landscape, in fact it might even create a greater divide(in my opinion). Weinstein made a valid point we should not just choose people based on their racial background, it should be based on their credentials. But the question is if someone where to show you a resume without a face and they had all the requirements, then come to the interview as a person of color would they still be hired? That’s the question I always ponder when I hear people say they should hire based on skills, and for those that say they should hire based on race. Would you hire a person that had very little credentials but was a person of color? These are the questions that we should bring to the argument instead of just shouting out our viewpoints. Both sides are guilty of this we need to start debating and discussing instead of fighting and yelling maybe then we could come to an agreement and find that we have more in common than we think.

The College Dropout Year One

A couple of Months ago I had to drop out of college. It was one of the most daunting but experiences but at the same time I felt like their was a giant weight lifted off of my shoulders. All the people I thought I had to impress, all the expectations that were put on me, and all the “hopes” and “dreams” that were planned out for me had disappeared. But the funny part is I actually wasn’t planning on dropping out. I was apart of an organization that focuses getting students into and through college. So you’re probably wondering “Eric if the organization gets kids through college then why did you drop out”. It’s a long story but I will try to get to the good stuff. So during the college application process  I had no idea what I was doing. The only thing I did was look at the college acceptance rate and if it was high enough(maybe 60% or higher) I applied. I know it isn’t really a good strategy. So I applied to several colleges and got accepted into three. One of them was an art school in Chicago which was close enough to my family, but far enough to get a unique experience. I was actually looking forward to going to that college however there wasn’t a lot of money that they were willing to give me. So I ended up going to a university(that I never heard) in a location that I never heard of(it was still in Illinois though). I spent three years in that University in a degree that I really didn’t care for, it all went down hill when I was trying to enroll in my fourth year in college. There was some left over money that I owed to the school, I asked the organization if they could help but unfortunately they helped at the last minute. By the time I got the money the University ran out of dorm rooms. So the only option I had was to drop out. As time passed I saw all of my friends graduating, everyone posting on their timelines about how they are so happy they graduated, and recently I attended a party for my friends graduation. Sometimes I feel a little bit awkward about being a drop out. Like I am a black sheep or a failure. Sometimes I look at different articles about successful people who have dropped out of college, I also started looking at documentaries about the educational system and how it destroys some people financially. But under all that awkwardness, I don’t feel like a failure. In a weird way I also feel like I have graduated except I just don’t have the paper. I am taking classes in something that I love and I am getting myself back into writing on a daily, so by that standard I am most certainly not a failure(In my opinion) College can be a very funny thing and but it’s most certainly not for everyone. Congratulations to everyone who has graduated this year, and to everyone that hasn’t graduation or won’t graduate on time don’t worry your time in the spotlight will come.