About Me and The Blog

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Who Am I: I  was born in Evanston Illinois, which is just a train ride away from Chicago. Growing up I always had a love for writing, but I never saw it as a career path. I had very extreme dreams for my future including(but not limited to) being an athlete,pro wrestler, Bodybuilder, Fight Choreographer, Dancer, and DJ (just to name a few). But as hard as I tried to get into all these things there were two things that always seemed to come back around acting and writing. I started writing when I was eight and I started when I was thirteen. It came natural to me(even though I still have a lot of problems with my grammar), despite my love and natural inclination towards writing and acting everyone told me that those were careers that probably wouldn’t pan out. Except my mom who was right the whole time.   After three years of college I decided to dropout(or rather forced in some cases) and with nothing left to do I decided to pursue acting and writing.

What is This Blog About: This blog is about Opinions and Stories. I have always been interested in Column writing because it allows people to express themselves. However Column Writers often get a bad rep. Many people think that Columnist are a bunch of egotistical writers who just want to voice their opinions. Hopefully I won’t give off that vibe when I write. Honestly I just want this to be a blog where I(and others) can post their own opinions without any preconceived notions.This blog is about opinions,discussions, and entertainment.